Your fireplace is a stunning showcase providing ambiance and warmth to your home.

Today’s modern fireplaces burn wood and gas (propane and natural gas). You can create a new fireplace or utilize an old masonry fireplace opening by filling it with an insert. Listed are some considerations for each fireplace type and may help you narrow your hunt for that perfect fireplace

Wood Fireplaces

Traditional, Contemporary & Modern

Are you in search heat and aesthetics? Is caring for the environment a significant lifestyle priority for you? If you answered yes, then we encourage awareness of the grams per hour particulate that is released into the atmosphere. Fireplaces that employ catalytic technology will put many dollars per cord of wood back into your pocket and if heat is your goal, then you won’t be disappointed. There are several fireplaces that check all the boxes with gorgeous faces, large heat capacity and efficient burning technologies.

For our aesthetic loving clients where heat is not a consideration you can choose from traditional open fireplaces to modern, glass doored units that provide the ultimate eye-pleasing linear design.

Gas Fireplaces

Choose from propane and natural gas heat sources for your fireplace and enjoy the beauty and form of wood without the labour! Whether you want a traditional log set with blazing heat or contemporary linear design with glass beads, you can have what you want, designed for your space.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts magically transforms that open masonry fireplace that has seen better days. Not only beautiful, but functional as well – an insert in gas, wood and pellet fills in the space that is pulling the heat from your home and sending it up the chimney. Depending upon your personal tastes, inserts perform the same duties as the fireplace and come in the many variations that fireplaces offer.

Design Your Fireplace



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