Step into the warmth created by your new stove

 Choose from wood, gas or pellet stoves for your home or cottage.

Wood Stoves

GreenStart™ – Your push button electronic wood ignitor.

Wood stoves have undergone a revolution since Grandpa’s days! There are beautiful cast iron wood stoves with intricate details and plain, powerful, steel stoves that can double as cooking surfaces when the power goes out. Or dare to be different by suspending a specialty designed unit from the ceiling!

Don’t leave your purchase in the hands of box store staff. A knowledgeable and qualified (W.E.T.T. certified) expert will save you money over the long run and increase your satisfaction.

Gas Stoves

Stay warm while the power is out. Your family will thank you!

These natural gas and propane stoves continue their march to higher and higher efficiencies, saving you many dollars in heating costs.

There is literally something for every taste – from traditional to European styles, gas stoves are the ultimate, versatile zone heating appliances. They come in cast, steel and enameled finishes in a variety of colours and with BTU outputs that can rival wood for performance.

Gas stoves provide options unique to this media such as traditional log sets or glass beads and high tech wireless remote controls.

Pellet stoves can comfortably heat 2,000+ square feet.

Pellet stoves are now on the forefront of zone heating solutions. They use wood pellets, a by-product of the lumber industry. Pellets, like wood are considered to be a carbon neutral heat source and pack a punch in heating power.

As with wood and gas stoves, pellet stoves are available in a multitude of styles and colours.

Although pellet stoves require some operational maintenance, with good practices they can last many, many years as a safe and reliable heater. Pellet stoves should not be purchased without qualified, knowledgeable information.

We provide a selection of pellet stove choices, installation, education and service which will provide a complete heating experience.


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